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BA6 Summary

I am pleased with the characters that I have designed in this project. I think they suit the theme of “nomadic bikers from the future” quite well. I tried to make what they are wearing practical for both riding motorbikes and being mechanics on a post-global warming Earth. I am glad I went for a different set up to the usual white, middle class, nuclear family as I don’t think sticking to that archetype in a story set in the future is that believable. I like the idea that as traveling mechanics they not only collaborate together to solve problems but are also helping other people in order for them to survive the harsh environments of this vision of the future.

If I were to do this project again I would do much more research and iterative sketches as I feel that I could have done a lot more and had a better outcome. I would have also liked to do more experimentation with materials and sculpting as I got a bit carried away with researching and found myself with little time to try other methods of communicating my ideas.

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CS: Procedural Rhetoric Mechanic Design

My idea for a persuasive game that uses procedural rhetoric is a Magazine Editor Simulator. The player would be given large, medium and small areas of a magazine front cover and a selection of articles and adverts to put in each. Areas given the larger spaces will get the most coverage whereas smaller spaces will give less, there would be surplus material that the player would have to decide if to include or not. These articles would be about current issues such as obesity and eating problems, debt, global warming, immigration, celebrity, fashion and headlines. The player must also pander to the needs of their manager who will need certain adverts in certain spaces due to a sponsorship or backhander. If the player chooses articles with a strong stance, for example “obesity the nation’s number 1 killer” and places it next to an large advert for fast food the next day’s headline would make the story worse such as “obesity numbers still rising, hospitals can’t cope” but the player’s manager would be pleased due to the money from the fast food advert. Through this the player must decide if the rewards of making their manager rich and happy are worth the damage to their fictional nation’s people.

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CS: Educational Game Research

Good Example:
DK Eyewitness Virtual Reality Dinosaur Hunter (Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 1996)
Gameplay video:

Image from Gameplay Video
What is it?: A Point and click Edutainment virtual reality of a natural history museum
Influences: Jurassic Park (1993, Steven Spielberg), possibly the natural history museum London
What makes it good: Both the visuals and audio are eerie creating and enticingly spooky atmosphere. Almost every exhibit is interactive with text, video, audio and interactive models. There is a mock gift shop area where the player can print out dinosaur images, masks and door tags for use in real life. An archaeological dig site allows the player to find the bones of and reconstruct different dinosaurs, as a reward the dinosaur will then come to life and roam within the museum occasionally having encounters with the player. The interactivity and free roaming allows the player to learn about the species that interest them through a variety of media.

 Bad Example:
Math Blaster ages 6-9 (Davidson, (could not find a date but around 1995)
Gameplay Video:

Image from Gameplay Video
What is it?: Side scrolling platformer with maths problems to solve
Influences: Sci-fi B-movies, Cartoony visual style
What makes it bad: The player must solve the maths problems in order to progress; gameplay is not integrated with the problem solving. Not a very appealing visual style and very annoying, repetitive music. Large menus of options not suited to young children as if their teacher or parent is to set the game up for them. Difficulty selection means that it is easy for the child to play on a setting where it is too easy and they won’t learn anything just so they get more time playing the platforming sections.

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Environment Pieces

The top piece is based on my Intu Chapelfield and Millennium Library sketches. It shows a plant preservation lab where samples of flora are protected from the harsh outside environment.
The second piece is based around the idea of large amounts of desert being used to produce energy, in this case with solar panels. I also included little sister and a lizard to make the image more interesting and give a feeling of scale.

It is clear from these images that I still have a long way to go when it comes to environment concepts. My perspective needs a lot of work as well as my tonal variation.

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Character Sheets

I had a lot of fun drawing these character sheets. I tried to make each character have their own personality that is clear through their expressions and descriptions. Little sister’s angry expression has to be my favourite as she is so intense!

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Direct Observation Environment Research

I went around Norwich looking for some inspiration for my environment concepts. I liked how both Intu Chapelfield and the Millennium Library had potted plants inside. It gave me the idea that plants would have to be preserved post-global warming and would be kept in big greenhouses like museums. I also drew some of the mechanical aspects of these buildings such as lights for extra details to put into my scene.

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Finished Model Sheets

I’m not sure whether to put some text on these to say which characters they are. I will give it a think after doing something else as I have been staring at them for too long.

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Model Sheet Backgrounds

After watching a model sheet video by FDZSchool (see link below) I decided to try making my model sheets look a bit more professional. I asked people which one of these backgrounds they preferred and background One came back as the most popular. Technically I should have gone for that one but I much preferred background Three as the horizontal gradient leads your eye across all three figures instead of isolating each pose.

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Little Sister Costume Iterations

I’m really not sure which one of these to choose. My favourite is costume Four but I think it needs something else to give it the same feeling as her sister and dad’s costumes. This might just be changing up some of the colours or changing some accessories.
Lothar spoke to me about how I tend to pose characters in very static, doll like positions so with this base sketch I tried to give her a more natural pose. It definitely gets her personality across much better than the static poses would have.

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Little Sister Face Iterations

These faces were a bit of a challenge as I am not used to drawing children so it took a bit of tweaking to get them to look younger. I tried to keep the face quite rounded and the eyes slightly lower down the face.  None of these concepts have wacky coloured hair as in real life hair dye is not safe for use on young children. I decided to go for face Three as I love the triple ponytails, they are quirky and cute!